Perfect Stranger
作詞:鄒承恩 痞克四的自從

Dive from the blue sky
And to see who I really am
Facing my desire
with the answer
to start again, be brave again

What will stop in my way?
Who will challenge the fate
The test of pain and rack
Are we living in circus?
Cus I'll beat up my curse
Cus I'm sure will take the race

(give my beat alive)
Holding my will
Cus I've never met someone like you

(take my breath away)
Cuz I'm blind in your smile
Using tears buryin' the lie

Oh, Pretty Stranger
Rock my soul and world with a gentle kiss
Fly makin' me fly
To eternal
Oh, once again, the love we make
Until the sun has arise

Our life will bond together
Oh mine, perfect stranger

Would you dream about me?
Could you spend time with me?
I crave your lip life time
Breathing in frozen fever
Standing in burning winter
All the misery need you by my side

(give my beat alive)
Now seize the time
Defeat the weak and break my runaway
(take my breath away)
Cus I'm conquered by your eyes
and I am losing all my mind

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